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As artificial intelligence is spreading in all sectors we know, the demand experts are increasing rapidly. So many educational institutions have launched and gradually launching their degree programs to meet their needs. These degrees range from the undergraduate bachelor's degree to the masters level and also Ph.D. levels. Depending on a person's previous qualifications and experiences, there are short term crash courses and self-paced courses also available from reputed institutions and the companies themselves. Sometimes, it is hard to find the right course to stay valuable in the market. Indian AI has contributed some efforts to provide information and the links for relevant valuable educational resources. 

Top AI Bachelors degrees in India
Top AI Masters degrees in India.
Top AI courses (Online / Offline)

Top AI Bachelors degrees in India

A Bachelor's degree in artificial intelligence is the most acceptable way to have career entry in this disruptive technology. There are many universities that have recently launched their undergraduate degree programs with full recognition by the government of India. 

  • IIT Hyderabad - B.Tech. In Artificial Intelligence Click Here
  • Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi - B.Tech in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Click Here
  • IIIT-Naya Raipur - B.Tech in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Click Here
  • Great Lakes International University - B.Tech Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Click Here
  • Sharda University - B. Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Learning and Machine Learning) Click Here
  • Jain University - B.Tech. in Computer Science and Technology (Artificial Intelligence) Click Here
  • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham - B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) Click Here
  • SAGE University - B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence Click Here
  • Amity University - Integrated B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Click Here


Top AI Masters degrees in India

Master's degrees are most in-demand in the Indian AI ecosystem. Various universities offering Master's level degrees in artificial intelligence in India. Here list some top post-graduation degrees:

  • Lovely Professional University (LPU), Phagwara - M.Tech. (Computing Systems and Infrastructure) [Full Time] Approved by UGC BCI PCI AIU Council of Architecture (COA) NCTE NABL IAP ICAR ACU ACBSP (Type: Private University) Click Here
  • SRM University ( SRM Amaravati), Amaravati - M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with Specialization in AI & ML - Duration: 2 Years - Study Mode: Regular - Approved by UGC AICTE NAAC Click Here
  • Chandigarh University ( CU), Chandigarh - M.E CE in Remote Sensing and GIS - Approved by UGC AICTE BCI PCI AIU Council of Architecture (COA) NCTE NCHMCT ACU Type: Private Click Here
  • Auro University, Surat - MSc. – Artificial Intelligence - Duration: 2 Years - (Type: Private University) - Approved by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) established by AICTE Click Here
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad - M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence - (Fully Approved) Click Here
  • Amity University - Integrated M.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Click Here

Top AI Ph.D degrees, Fellowships & Other Research Programs in India

A doctorate degree in Artificial Intelligence will lead you and keep you ahead in the technology. Indian AI Ph.D. degrees are reputed and top in demand for this technology in the world. Besides this, there are many fellowships & research programs launched by the government and other institutions to boost AI innovation & development. Here is the list of top Ph.D. and other R & D program institutions in India.

  • Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) in IIT Kharagpur - Ph.D. PROGRAM (Regular, Sponsored, CSIR/UGC, INSPIRE Fellowship), POST DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP (PDF) , Melbourne India Postgraduate Academy (MIPA), The Prime Minister's Research Fellows (PMRF) Scheme. Visit Here

Top AI courses (Online & Offline)

There are many short term self-paced AI courses available by the reputed institutions and the companies such as Google. Some are paid and so many courses are free-of-cost. Majority of them are free online. Because the artificial intelligence is started getting importance in recent few years, the technological ecosystem is still under development. To promote the awareness and boost the research, organizations have taken step to provide beginner level and sometimes advance level education in artificial intelligence free-of-cost. Find the list of AI courses available to study.

Google AI & ML Program

Google AI EducationLearn how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to social, humanitarian, or environmental challenges. Browse the library of open source projects, public datasets, APIs, and more to find the tools you need to tackle your next challenge or fuel your next breakthrough. Visit Here

Machine Learning Crash Course" with TensorFlow APIs By Google

Google Machine Learning Crash CourseGoogle's "Machine Learning Crash Course" with TensorFlow APIs is a fast-paced, practical introduction to machine learning crash course which includes a series of lessons with video lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on practice exercises about the ML. This online course is a self-study guide for aspiring machine learning practitioners. You will learn the best practices from Google experts on key machine learning concepts. A great place to learn and apply fundamental machine learning concepts with the Crash Course, get real-world experience with the companion Kaggle competition or visit Learn with Google AI to explore the full library of training resources. Visit Here

The Google AI Residency Program

Google AI Residency ProgramThe Google AI Residency Program is an 18-month research training role designed to jumpstart or advance your career in machine learning research. The program was launched in 2015 with the mission to train and support the next generation of deep learning researchers. The goal is to boost the research in deep learning and expand beyond deep learning to a breadth of machine learning subfields. Participants will be mentored by renowned scientists and engineers from various teams from Google AI, and work on real-world machine learning complex problems and applications. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate and partner closely with various research groups across Google and Alphabet. Visit Here

Microsoft AI Residency Program

Microsoft AI Residency Program

Microsoft AI Residency Program will provide you the opportunity to be part and work alongside renowned artificial intelligence and allied technology experts, researchers, and engineers in Redmond, WA, or Cambridge in the United Kingdom. You can develop the skill and also gain hands-on practical experience of AI and machine learning problems to overcome complex social challenges. We are seeking a diverse range of experts, researchers, engineers, and applied scientists with unique perspectives. Program is also welcoming candidates without a traditional background in AI but has a passion for AI technology career to solving the real-world toughest challenges. For more information, Visit Here.

Microsoft AI School

Microsoft AI School

Master new skills and learn about the latest Microsoft products. The hands-on approach helps you arrive at your goals faster, with more confidence, and at your own pace. Providing technology, resources, and expertise to empower those working to solve humanitarian issues and create a more sustainable and accessible world. You will learn about Conversational AI, AI Services, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, Responsible AI, and many more resources by Microsoft. Visit Here.

The Elements of AI

Elements of AIThe Elements of AI is a series of free online courses created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki. The goal is to encourage as broad a group of people as possible to learn what AI is, what can (and can’t) be done with AI, and how to start creating AI methods. The courses combine theory with practical exercises and can be completed at your own pace. Visit Here

Intel® AI Academy

Intel-AI-Academy_IndianAIIntel® AI Academy has launched it’s AI theory and hands-on exercises courses free-of-cost for the software developers, data scientists, and artificial intelligence students. The lessons will cover the wide ranges of AI topics such as Introduction to AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Time-Series Analysis, Deep Learning for Robotics, and Anomaly Detection. You will also explore the AI tools and the optimized libraries compatible with Intel® processors in personal computers and server workstations. Visit Here

IBM's Applied AI with DeepLearning on Coursera

IBM_Applied_AI_with_Deep_Learning-on-Coursera-IndianAIThis course, Applied Artificial Intelligence with DeepLearning, is part of the IBM Advanced Data Science Certificate which IBM is currently creating and gives you easy access to the invaluable insights into Deep Learning models used by experts in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Time Series Analysis, and many other disciplines. The student will learn about the fundamentals of Linear Algebra, Neural Networks, most popular DeepLearning Frameworks like Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, DeepLearning, Apache SystemML, Keras, TensorFlow, Anomaly Detection, Time Series Forecasting, Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing by building up models using Keras on real-life examples from IoT (Internet of Things), Financial Marked Data, Literature or Image Databases. In the end, you will learn how to scale those artificial brains using Kubernetes, Apache Spark, and GPUs. Visit Here

ColumbiaX's fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Edx

ColumbiaX fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI)Learn AI on Edx by ColumbiaX's fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and apply them. Design intelligent agents to solve real-world problems including, search, games, machine learning, logic, and constraint satisfaction problems. What do self-driving cars, face recognition, web search, industrial robots, missile guidance, and tumor detection have in common? They are all complex real-world problems being solved with applications of intelligence (AI). The course will provide a broad understanding of the basic techniques for building intelligent computer systems and an understanding of how AI is applied to problems. Hands-on experience will be gained by building a basic search agent. Adversarial search will be explored through the creation of a game and an introduction to machine learning includes work on linear regression. Visit Here

AI Programming with Python | Nano Degree Program by Udacity

Udacity Nano Degree ProgramLearn the essential foundations of AI: the programming tools (Python, NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch), the math (calculus and linear algebra), and the key techniques of neural networks (gradient descent and backpropagation). This online program will include the real-world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, you’ll master the tech skills companies want. You will also have access to technical mentor support, personal career coach, and career services. Learning to program with Python, one of the most widely used languages in Artificial Intelligence, is the core of this program. You’ll also focus on neural networks—AI’s main building blocks. By learning foundational AI and math skills, you lay the groundwork for advancing your career—whether you’re just starting out, or readying for a full-time role. Visit Here

UC San Diego's Machine Learning Fundamentals on Edx

UC San Diego Machine Learning Fundamentals on EdxUnderstand machine learning's role in data-driven modeling, prediction, and decision-making. Learn a variety of supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and the theory behind those algorithms. Using real-world case studies, you will learn how to classify images, identify salient topics in a corpus of documents, partition people according to personality profiles, and automatically capture the semantic structure of words and use it to categorize documents. Armed with the knowledge from this course, you will be able to analyze many different types of data and to build descriptive and predictive models. All programming examples and assignments will be in Python, using Jupyter notebooks. Visit Here

Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera

coursera-machine-learning-certificate-indianaiMachine Learning is probably the most important part of Artificial Intelligence. It provides the ability to the computer to perform activities without explicitly programmed. This course will provide a major introduction of machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition, neural networks, unsupervised learning such as clustering, dimensionality reduction, recommender systems, deep learning, etc. It will provide you an insight into best practices in machine learning (bias/variance theory, innovation process in machine learning, and AI). The course also includes the various case studies and applications to provide you the implementation of algorithms to build smart robots with perception and control, text understanding such as web search, anti-spamming, computer vision, medical informatics, audio, database mining, and other related areas. Visit Here

IIM Kozhikode's Executive Management Development Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

IIM Kozhikode The executive programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningIIM Kozhikode's The executive program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will help you become an expert in the exciting new world of AI & Machine Learning. You will learn through cutting edge technologies and work on real-life industry-grade projects. The program is designed for executives who like to participate in Kaggle Data Science challenges or look for data-heavy context to conduct analysis, produce insights, and deploy a system that does useful work in the
competitive environment. Link-1 Link-2

NIT Warangal's Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on Edureka

NIT Warangal online Post-Graduate Program in Machine Learning and AINIT Warangal's Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Post Graduate program is to become an expert in the exciting new world of AI & Machine Learning, get trained in cutting edge technologies, and work on real-life industry-grade projects. You will master Python Fundamentals, Exploratory Data Analysis, Inferential Statistics, Supervised Learning Regression Algorithm, Classification Algorithm, Unsupervised Learning, Time Series Analysis, Recommendation Engine, Deep Learning- TensorFlow, Keras, Image Classification- CNN, RCNN, GAN, Text Classification- RNN, LSTM, GRU, Natural Language Processing- NLTK, Spacy, RASA, Machine Translation, Reinforcement Learning, and Open-AI Gym. Visit Here

IIM Bangalore's Machine Learning with Business Applications Program

IIM Bangalore Machine Learning with Business Applications ProgramIIM Bangalore's Machine Learning with Business Applications course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms that can be used for fact-based decision-making using real case studies and understand how machine learning algorithms are used for automation and innovation. Students will learn various machine learning algorithms such as supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement algorithms, analyze data, supervised learning algorithms such as regression, logistic regression, decision tree learning, random forest, boosting, neural networks and deep learning algorithms with applications in solving the managerial problem, k-means clustering, factor analysis, multivariate Gaussian distribution, and its applications, applications of ML in functional in marketing, finance, operations, and supply chain & HR, solve problems from different industries and hands-on experience with various relevant software. Visit Here

Artificial Intelligence with Python By Great Learning

This comprehensive course on ‘Artificial Intelligence’ covers all the basics of neural network-based models. Get a conceptual understanding of learning mechanisms such as Need and history of neural networks, gradient, forward propagation, loss functions, and its implementation using python libraries. Learn some essential concepts related to deep neural networks that also work with Google's powerful library Tensorflow which comes with pre-built Keras. We will be covering all theoretical and practical aspects of this subject, in-depth. Dive deeper into the mathematics behind each concept to understand their specifics. We will conclude with a neural network model for classification using the MNIST data set. Learn its application on business or real-life problems in other domains. Visit Here

DeepLearning's AI For Everyone On Coursera

DeepLearning AI For Everyone On CourseraThis course is focused on non-technical staff to understand the business aspects of AI. It will help your organization to become better at using AI. In this course, you will learn:

- The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science
- What AI realistically can-and cannot-do
- How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization
- What it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects
- How to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company
- How to navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI  Visit Here