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ai projectsArtificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to transform human life. This breakthrough technology is going to leave a significant impact on all aspects of life including manufacturing, agriculture, energy, space, transportation, security, and education. AI is going to contribute multi-trillions to the global economy and artificial intelligence is becoming a promising career that will not only provide stable jobs but also good packages.



AI Projects for Learning

The educational institution is launching its under-graduate & graduate programs including top universities such as MIT, IIT, Harvard, and the University of California. Top AI innovation companies have also launched their own AI certification and residency programs. The complete list of these AI education programs can be found here.

Now, the important question is, are these programs are enough to learn this sophisticated and complex technology that can lead to a lucrative career? There is a solution that will not only provide you a good hold on AI and also impress the employer to shortlist your resume in the competitive job market. The solution is to learn AI by working on practical projects. AI projects will provide you a deep understanding of this emerging technology.

To learn AI theoretically is just not enough. Academic experts always in favor of active learning by working on real-world problems and finding solutions. Students will get better learning experiences, a portfolio for a prospective employer, track their progress and level of understanding & confidence in their skill to impress the interviewer.

How To Choose AI Projects for Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that is going to revolutionize the way we live and work. When we are planning to begin AI learning for a career then practical learning by building the projects is the best approach. But, as a beginner, how to choose your projects for learning and later for professional portfolios? You need to make a learning strategy.

Here are some tips to choose AI learning projects:

  1. Find the problems: You need to look at the things around you in your life circle and try to find the problems. For example environment, financial, human resources, manufacturing, transportation, education, communication, and so on.
  2. What Attracts Your Interests: There are problems in all the sectors. You need to choose something where you can spend some time and have some interest to explore more. Make sure not you get bored and lose interest after some time.
  3. Do You Have Some Basic Understanding of the Problem: It is important to have some basic understanding before start working on the issue. For example, you cannot start working on Mars Rover if you do not have a basic insight into the Martian geography and the space vehicles that need to carry your vehicle to the red planet. If you will start gaining basic knowledge before analyzing the nature of the problem then you are going to spend unnecessary time which may divert from the real topic.
  4. Can You Collect Data: Data is the key to building AI projects. Make sure to have access to the data. You would not want to work on something which may be based on confidential data and have so many legal complications. Data source authenticity is extremely important for accurate projection.
  5. How Much Data You Need: You won't want to work on something that requires data research equal to Ph.D. It is recommended to start from a small project that required the least resources for information and save valuable time. It will help you to finish the project before deadlines.
  6. Can You Measure And Analyze the Outcome: The solution has no value if you cannot compare, measure, and analyze the results. You need to bring clear objectives that can be understood after the practical model.
  7. Does It Relevant To You: You do not want to spend your precious time and money that has nothing to do with your life. For example, you do not want to build an AI project for the problem in China that is prohibited there and has nothing to do with your own country. Find something that can be implemented there even if you need to visit there or is not illegal to implement and verify the validity. Try to find something hot in the current time and relevant to your life. A good example is the "COVID19" Pandemic.
  8. To Whom You Are Presenting: Do you want to work on a model based on a problem to a very specific part of the geographical location or community in India but your teacher knows nothing about that in Canada? To verify if your AI model is working, you need an independent person who can test your project and set the accountability. A person likes a teacher, professor, or someone from that field.
  9. How Big Is The Project: Make sure to estimate the time and set the deadline to complete. Otherwise, you may lose interest or just the project might be outdated by the time you are presenting to your instructor.
  10. How Much it Will Cost: At last, you need to estimate the cost. You may not get everything free of cost to build the project. Some data may be paid or might need to pay the membership fees. You may need a researcher to provide you authentic data. Sometimes, we may need to spend some money to get the latest devices to apply the model virtually. Highly specialized software may cost you extra. For example, the IEEE organization has some fees to access data that can only be accessed by a professional with certain qualifications and experience. What if you need to collect some data from their database. You may need to pay someone professionally qualified to provide you data from the organizational database.

Here you can find the projects of artificial intelligence projects for learning and assignment purposes. You may find AI projects from beginner to advance levels.

  1. Real Estate Price Prediction Model
  2. Stock Trends Predictor
  3. Customer Behavior & Recommendation
  4. Customer Service Chat Box Support
  5. Facial Recognition & Detection
  6. Plagiarism Checker
  7. CV Analysis for Personality & Behavior
  8. Pandemic Control
  9. Economic Growth
  10. Job Market Trends
  11. Banking Bots
  12. Image Reconstruction
  13. Human Emotion Identification Through Pictures
  14. Hand Written Digits Recognition
  15. Lane Line Detection
  16. Spam Classifier
  17. Vehicle Path Optimizer
  18. Fake Reviews Monitory System