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TORONTO AIToronto is the hotspot for technologies. Toronto region is also known as the Canadian Silicon Valley where we can find offices of some of the largest technology companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc. AI is the next focus point and so many companies are investing heavily in this technology. Toronto AI is the next big thing and it is already shifting the paradigm in Canada.

You should not surprise by the fact that the Greater Toronto Area or GTA has added more tech jobs the last year than New York and the San Francisco Bay Area combined. The job numbers have crossed Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. You name the company, you will get the office here in the financial capital of Canada.

Toronto AI has attracted top companies such as Uber, NVIDIA, Etsy, Samsung, OpenText, Tomson Reuters, General Motors, and many more to invest huge for the research and development in artificial intelligence for their services. Here you will find some of the most valuable resources, updates, and statistics. Follow the Toronto AI on the Indian AI platform.

The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is always ahead of others in perspective of research and development. They proved it again by establishing the Centre for Analytics and AI Engineering (CARTE) in 2019. The ambitious plan to facilitate the translation and industrial application development of AI research, technologies, and solutions. Professor Timothy Chan is heading the center and the goals will be achieved by the research; education, training, and partnerships. Read More.....

Artificial Intelligence Companies in Toronto

Optima AI - A Toronto based artificial intelligence technology company. They provide Cloud services with the help of Big Data Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence. Cloud Computing is focused technology that helps to save upfront investment, better service with the highest level of data security. The company team members included Ehsan Roosta, Hadi Golkarieh, Sepideh Ghanavati, and Payam Rahmdel.

TasteGuru - TasteGuru - A artificial intelligence-based B2B solutions company based in Toronto helps the food and beverage companies accelerate speed marketing campaign, boost innovation, discover emerging trends, create personalized e-commerce experience, and overall, increase market share. The company team includes Susan Chen, Peter Chen, George Zhang, Yulia Teryaeva, Luiz Sato, Jaskarn Mankoo, and Brian Lam. Read More...