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  • Exposure to soft robots decreases human fears about working with them December 5, 2023
    Seeing robots made with soft, flexible parts in action appears to lower people's anxiety about working with them or even being replaced by them. A study found that watching videos of a soft robot working with a person at picking and placing tasks lowered the viewers' safety concerns and feelings of job insecurity. This was […]
  • AI networks are more vulnerable to malicious attacks than previously thought December 4, 2023
    Artificial intelligence tools hold promise for applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to the interpretation of medical images. However, a new study finds these AI tools are more vulnerable than previously thought to targeted attacks that effectively force AI systems to make bad decisions.
  • A color-based sensor to emulate skin's sensitivity December 1, 2023
    In a step toward more autonomous soft robots and wearable technologies, researchers have created a device that uses color to simultaneously sense multiple mechanical and temperature stimuli.
  • Brainstorming with a bot December 1, 2023
    Electronic nanomaterials experts have imagined how recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) could aid scientific brainstorming and ideation. To accomplish this, they have developed a chatbot with knowledge in the kinds of science he's been engaged in.
  • Scientists use A.I.-generated images to map visual functions in the brain November 30, 2023
    Researchers have demonstrated the use of AI-selected natural images and AI-generated synthetic images as neuroscientific tools for probing the visual processing areas of the brain. The goal is to apply a data-driven approach to understand how vision is organized while potentially removing biases that may arise when looking at responses to a more limited set of […]
  • 2D material reshapes 3D electronics for AI hardware November 30, 2023
    Researchers demonstrated monolithic 3D integration of layered 2D material into novel processing hardware for artificial intelligence computing. The new approach provides a material-level solution for fully integrating many functions into a single, small electronic chip -- and paves the way for advanced AI computing. 
  • How do you make a robot smarter? Program it to know what it doesn't know November 28, 2023
    Engineers have come up with a new way to teach robots to know when they don't know. The technique involves quantifying the fuzziness of human language and using that measurement to tell robots when to ask for further directions. Telling a robot to pick up a bowl from a table with only one bowl is […]
  • Researchers engineer a material that can perform different tasks depending on temperature November 28, 2023
    Researchers report that they have developed a new composite material designed to change behaviors depending on temperature in order to perform specific tasks. These materials are poised to be part of the next generation of autonomous robotics that will interact with the environment.
  • Defending your voice against deepfakes November 27, 2023
    Computer scientists have developed AntiFake, a tool to protect voice recordings from unauthorized speech synthesis.
  • New method uses crowdsourced feedback to help train robots November 27, 2023
    A new technique enables an AI agent to be guided by data crowdsourced asynchronously from nonexpert human users as it learns to complete a task through reinforcement learning. The method trains the robot faster and better than other approaches.
  • How we play together November 21, 2023
    Psychologists are using EEG to research what games reveal about our ability to cooperate.
  • AI can 'lie and BS' like its maker, but still not intelligent like humans November 20, 2023
    A researcher contends that the understanding of AI is muddled by linguistics: That while indeed intelligent, AI cannot be intelligent in the way that humans are, even though 'it can lie and BS like its maker.'
  • Creativity in the age of generative AI: A new era of creative partnerships November 20, 2023
    Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT) has propelled AI into the mainstream, raising concerns about job displacement and creative work. Experts now emphasize a need to focus on 'co-creativity,' the human-AI interaction instead. Extensive research is needed for comprehending co-creativity which is crucial for the future development of AI.
  • AI system self-organizes to develop features of brains of complex organisms November 20, 2023
    Scientists have shown that placing physical constraints on an artificially-intelligent system -- in much the same way that the human brain has to develop and operate within physical and biological constraints -- allows it to develop features of the brains of complex organisms in order to solve tasks.
  • AI: Researchers develop automatic text recognition for ancient cuneiform tablets November 20, 2023
    A new artificial intelligence (AI) software is now able to decipher difficult-to-read texts on cuneiform tablets. Instead of photos, the AI system uses 3D models of the tablets, delivering significantly more reliable results than previous methods. This makes it possible to search through the contents of multiple tablets to compare them with each other. It […]
  • The mind's eye of a neural network system November 16, 2023
    A new tool, based on topology, makes finding the areas where neural networks are confused as simple as spotting mountaintops from an airplane. The ability to spot and address those areas of confusion should enable more confident application of neural networks in high-stakes decision scenarios or image prediction tasks like healthcare and research.
  • Realistic talking faces created from only an audio clip and a person's photo November 16, 2023
    A team of researchers has developed a computer program that creates realistic videos that reflect the facial expressions and head movements of the person speaking, only requiring an audio clip and a face photo.   DIverse yet Realistic Facial Animations, or DIRFA, is an artificial intelligence-based program that takes audio and a photo and produces […]
  • Use it or lose it: New robotic system assesses mobility after stroke November 16, 2023
    Stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability worldwide. Each year more than 15 million people worldwide have strokes, and three-quarters of stroke survivors will experience impairment, weakness and paralysis in their arms and hands. Many stroke survivors rely on their stronger arm to complete daily tasks, from carrying groceries to combing their hair, even […]
  • This 3D printer can watch itself fabricate objects November 15, 2023
    Engineers have developed a high-throughput, multimaterial 3D inkjet printer that uses computer vision to rapidly and automatically control the amount of material being deposited during the printing process in real time. This enables the use of a wide range of materials for fabrication.
  • Individual back training machine developed November 14, 2023
    18 percent of reported sick leave relates to musculoskeletal ailments, in particular back-related disorders. The GyroTrainer is an intelligent training device that resembles a balance board. It uses artificial intelligence to adjust the difficulty level to the individual patient's current ability.