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Disruptive Technologies

By definition, A disruptive technology is a new technological innovation, product, or service that eventually overturns the existing dominant technology or product in the market. A disruptive technology establishes a monopoly in its industry. Let me give you two examples.

Five years ago, Kodak, the largest film camera producer in the world came out and made the statement "Digital photography is a fad." Five years later, Kodak has lost over 50% of its market share and its fortune 500 rankings. Do you know why? BECAUSE THEY DID NOT SEE THE IMPACT A DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY CAN HAVE ON THE MARKET.

Digital cameras were better than any camera that had come before them. They made life easier on the consumer, and consumers are enamored with efficiencies. They were easier, quicker, and more user-friendly. Today, Kodak has retracted their statement and proclaimed from now on they are only going to be producing digital cameras. The digital camera boom created billionaires out of those who positioned themselves with the disruptive technology as it exploded across the international economy, and it leveled those who did not recognize it beforehand.

The second example of recent disruptive technology is the iPod. In less than two years the iPod has virtually MONOPOLIZED the mp3 and portable music industry. It destroyed the Sony walkman. Why? Because no one caught the signals of a DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY. The iPod can do what no other portable music technology was able to do, and it did it first. The disruptive technology was so powerful that even with other digital music players on the market, the iPod is still completely dominating. They positioned themselves with their disruptive technology, and now OWN a giant majority of that colossal industry.


Keep that in mind because I am about to share with you a disruptive technology that is already beginning to dominate the soon-to-be trillion-dollar wellness home business industry. If wealth creation is something you are serious about, then pay close attention. What other business, home business, or franchise would you rather be in than one that has a monopoly market, a disruptive technology, AND the best world-class guaranteed products with both positioned to capitalize off a trillion-dollar industry? This is serious!

In order to give you the presentation you deserve, I'm going to let you in on something special. This is going to be a very exciting presentation and you will feel the passion behind what we are doing. You are going to be able to hear from a man by the name of Nathan Rick's. Nathan is someone for who I have an incredible amount of respect, and needless to say, he has done some amazing things.

Nathan has made over $30 million dollars and currently makes about $275,000 a month whether he rolls out of bed or not. He is just one of over 700 other millionaires our company has created. The only company in the world that has created more millionaires than we have is Microsoft and the very recent Google, and both of them did it through stock. We did it through cash!

Now think about that. How many millionaires have the company you are now working for creating? Do you want to know where you will be in 5 years? Simply look at the guy who has been doing what you have been doing 5 years longer and that is where you will be. Want another interesting tidbit? 95% of the people who have maintained the entry-level leadership position in our company for at least 10 years, achieve the highest level of our compensation plan, which is over $527,000 a year.

Where do you want to be in 5 or even 10 years? Like I said before, this is serious. You will probably never get another chance to work with a monopoly disruptive technology like this ever again. The Network Marketing world is blessed to be the ones to share them with the WORLD! This warrants your attention!

Watch this presentation and you will find out why we create millionaires like it’s our only purpose on this planet. More importantly, you will find out how we do it. This is about you! This is about your life, your goals, your dreams, your family, and your future. If you don't take this seriously then who will? That’s right, look I am not saying this is for everyone. It isn't. But if you get it, and you have the entrepreneurial vision and can see how HUGE this is and could be for you, here is your chance to hit it really big! The only thing you need to be asking yourself is how do I get involved?

Fellow Entrepreneurs:

Are you empowered right now? Do you even have an emotional grasp of what that word means? Do you like honesty? Because I am going to be straightforward with you. If you do not have empowerment behind what you are doing, you will always do it mediocre. I am not here to fill you up with a bunch of crap about how "I can help you solve all your problems, it is very simple, just join my organization!" I am here to show you a very powerful disruptive technology home business opportunity and encourage you to ask yourself some hard questions.

Before you get involved with a home business you should take a solid look at yourself and ask yourself, "before I invest my time, energy, money, and sweat into a business opportunity, do I really want to do this? Or am I just bored with my life and need something new to keep myself distracted?"

The point is, you are here because you are investigating a business opportunity or home business opportunity. You really have no idea how powerful what I am going to share with you is, but here is the catch, it is only powerful to those that have a vision and are willing to empower themselves.

It's no different from anything else in life. Half-a-hearted efforts will produce half-a-heart results. You can be successful at anything you are truly determined to be successful at, but it takes the heart. DO YOU HAVE THAT HEART? If you don't have the heart or aren't willing to look within and find the heart, then you might as well not investigate any further this disruptive technology that will help set you up financially for the rest of your life. You will just get jealous seeing all the success that comes with a monopoly disruptive technology business opportunity and the people who have the vision and are empowered to benefit from it.

Make no mistake my friend, we are pioneers! We are not the majority. We are at the forefront of men and women understanding that our financial destiny IS IN NO ONE'S HANDS BUT OUR OWN. Together, we will build it and yes they will come.

Here is the best part? You still don't have a clue how powerful this business opportunity/home business opportunity is. It blows away franchises. You might be thinking that statement is hype at this point because I haven't yet dropped the ultimate informational bomb on you which makes you step back and say "get out of here, this sounds too damn good to be true."

I want to get to know you first, and have you get to know me. I think this is very important. I don't care if I had the best business in the world or not. If you don't KNOW your partners, your not making a wise business decision. I ATTRACT ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY INTO MY LIFE. I AM LIKE A MAGNET FOR IT. MY ATTITUDES AND BELIEFS ACCEPT NOTHING LESS.

Now let's get serious about this disruptive technology stuff.

Disruptive Technology is a technology that is so powerful, it changes the entire landscape of an industry.