Month: December 2020

Artificial Intelligence Resources Hub

How AI Is Transforming The Financial Industry?

Financial institutions are using AI to make better recommendations to customers and more thoughtful decisions company-wide. Banking and financial services firms use AI to mimic human logical reasoning skills. Its technology analyzes chat conversations to understand the unique circumstances and personal preferences of each customer, illuminating purchase mentality, bias, and other subtleties that lie beneath…
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The Benefits of AI in Education and Learning

AI can help increase the effectiveness of our instructors via numerous AI applications such as text translation systems, real-time message to speech, automating mundane and also repeated jobs such as taking presence, automating grading, customizing the discovering trip based upon ability, understanding, and also experience. The benefits of AI in education and learning take a…
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Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Introduction: Very often, discussion about artificial intelligence and related topics surround us. The rampancy of this topic is caused by the fact that every now and then, we actually believe that we are faced with the threat of a computer that can learn and independently to become intelligent. Whether or not this is a threat…
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