Month: June 2021

Artificial Intelligence Resources Hub

Math AI

What comes to mind first when we consider Mathematical artificial intelligence or Math AI? Math AI is kind of new developing term in the world of artificial intelligence. There can be different purposes to think about it. You might be looking to find math to learn for AI. You might be looking for good tutorials…
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Vertex AI – A Managed Machine Learning Platform by Google Cloud

What Is Vertex AI by Google Cloud Services

How Canada Became AI Superpower

A few years ago, the idea of making Canada a superpower of artificial intelligence came into the mind of few futurists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. Transformation into a tech economy from a resources-based economy was a revolutionary idea but also a huge gamble. Similar to other advanced technologies, Canada specifically focused on artificial intelligence…
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World’s First AI War

Israel Defence Forces (IDF) is claiming first ever war by using artificial intelligence and supercomputing. They called it AI war that used smart system based on AI’s machine lwarning and deep learning models. The forces used these intelligent models to acurately locate the hidden enemies and their infrastructures in Gaza Patti and targeted those with…
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