Month: July 2021

Artificial Intelligence Resources Hub

Human AI

According to futurists and technology experts, artificial intelligence will be the fourth industrial revolution that will bring more impact in society than fire & electricity. In various industries, either AI will empower the human or reduce autonomy. So many existing jobs will be replaced with new high-tech jobs. It will re-distribute the wealth and well-being…
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Cybersecurity AI

We can easily see the impact of AI on all the business. Some sectors are growing gradually but some sectors have high growth of integration with artificial intelligence. Information technology and telecommunication are the key sectors where we can see a high AI adoption rate. Information technology is a huge sector. More specifically, cybersecurity is…
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Robotic AI

Robotic AI term is used to describe the artificial intelligence developments specific to robotics. Usually, people get confused between robotics and artificial intelligence. A robot is a physical machine that may or may not be equipped with artificial intelligence. AI or artificial intelligence is an algorithm based on machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks…
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Cyborg AI

A “Cyborg” is a mixture of humans + machines. The word was originated from two words: Cybernetic and Organism. There are various types of cyborgs but in general, they can be formed by both organic and bio-mechatronic body parts. The term was developed in 1960 by famous Austrian scientist & inventor Manfred Clynes and American…
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Cyber AI

Cyber AI term is used to refer to artificial intelligence’s role in cyberspace products and services. AI’s machine learning and deep learnings are helping cyberspace for cybersecurity. The algorithm helps to detect the possible threats and possible preventions. A huge amount of data is being analyzed and detect the threats, issue alerts and trace the…
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Cyberspace AI

Cyberspace Artificial Intelligence or Cyberspace AI is the term to use artificial intelligence technology inputs in cyberspace. Cyberspace is a concept to refer virtual interconnectivity of digital technology. The concept was developed with the evolution of the internet in the 90s. Internet is a very wide term that consists the hardware, software, and virtual space. The…
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Aerospace AI

Aerospace artificial intelligence or Aerospace AI is the term used to refer to the AI developments for atmosphere and outer space technologies. Aerospace is a very diverse industry with a multitude, industrial and military intelligent applications. The two general categories in Aerospace are aeronautics and astronautics. Artificial intelligence helps for research, design, manufacture, operate, or…
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Read AI

Read AI is a term to use for various purposes. We can find the term used for the company with specialized services and the tools based on artificial intelligence. Below, we are going to highlight some information regarding read ai concepts. Read.AI (Company) First, “Read.AI” is a company that provides interactive experiences solutions with the…
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Copywriter AI

Copywiting is essential for online business platforms. Whether you are ecommerce company or involve in content marketing, you need to have good copywriting skill. Unfortunately, it takes time, experience and good knowledge in your niche for good influential copywriting. Beside deep knowledge of the subject matter, you also need online research skill to find the…
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Creative AI

The concept of Creative artificial intelligence or “Creative AI” is developed based on the theory that AI can be smart enough to become creative for given task(s).  As a example, Alpha Go, a AI based algorithm of machine learning for one of the most sophisticated game “Go” with more patterns than stars in the universe.…
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