Month: January 2022

Artificial Intelligence Resources Hub

Manufacturing AI

The application of AI-powered manufacturing solutions can assist smart automated processes, allowing manufacturing companies to build intelligent operations that can decrease the cost overheads and downtime. When it comes to AI, it’s important to remember that AI is only useful if it works and is robust. In other words, this AI needs to be able…
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Virtual AI

Virtual AI or virtual intelligence is the term used for the segment of artificial intelligence that exists within a virtual reality world. Many virtuality spaces provide options for intelligent virtual avatars that provide information, training, role-playing, and social interactions. A recent study done by MIT’s Media Lab and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of…
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Meta AI

Meta AI or Metaverse AI is Facebook’s (Parent company Metaverse) platform for research and development in artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence segments such as AI for commerce, Deepfake Detection, and Densepose. AI for commerce is working for the advancement in AI for better and easier shopping experiences for everyone. The aim is to build the…
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AIOT – Artificial Intelligence Of Things

Artificial Intelligence of Things or AIoT is the unique combination of two disruptive technologies: artificial intelligence and the internet of things. As the smart internet of things is becoming common in everyday appliances that require intelligence, intuitiveness, and data connections to perform more complex tasks boosted the transformation of electronic devices into intelligence machines for…
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