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Meta AI or Metaverse AI is Facebook's (Parent company Metaverse) platform for research and development in artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence segments such as AI for commerce, Deepfake Detection, and Densepose.

AI in EcommerceAI for commerce is working for the advancement in AI for better and easier shopping experiences for everyone. The aim is to build the largest shopping social media platform compatible with all local, small and largest businesses. The next AI segment is Deepfake technology which is a huge challenge for authenticity. Deepfake Facebook AI is working on a dataset that will challenge Deepfakes. "Deepfake" is a technique that can generate realistic real people videos talking about fictional things. It is a big threat to legitimate information we access online. The core aim is to develop a Deepfake detection technology that can be used by everyone to detect misleading fake videos.

The platform is already open-sourced, allowing anyone to start making AI-powered applications. It's also open sourcing a number of machine learning models and libraries, including Keras, TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, MXNet, the TPUs, BERT, etc. A lot of this work is going into hardware and there are a lot more examples of MetaAI's work to come.

 Facebook has said it is looking to partner with other companies for this kind of work. For example, a company called Metaversal was just funded with $15 million by Facebook.   The company is focused on building a shared understanding of the social world - and is now focused squarely on making the tech industry better at understanding people and the world around them. As I wrote about recently, there's a big push to figure out how to use AI to understand what we do, or why we behave the way we're doing. What would it mean if we could use the AI and social engineering of human beings to create a whole new kind* of AI?

This is where we got so excited. This area of research sounds like the stuff of science fiction. And that's what MetaVeneer AI,* the company behind MetaVA, is all about - using AI applied to the things we humans do - to explore and build an understanding about what makes us human.

The project is being led by MetaVR (a.k.a MetaVision) - who is an AI researcher in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and a former Facebook employee. CSAILS is one of only a handful of companies allowed to work in this space. MetaView is using the metadata generated by the Meta AI platform to learn about the people who use Facebook - the same way that the Facebook platform learns to know who we are. In fact, the platform already knows who you are, your friends, and their friends, based on your profile data. It also knows how you spend your time, what you like and don't like. That information is then used to suggest activities to you that you'd never otherwise do. So the next time you're scrolling through Facebook, you might decide you should go buy an iPhone. Or you could make suggestions for things you would like to see in a future video game. Not just a video, these AI techniques could be useful in other ways as well. When you look at someone you know or someone from a friend you have, it can help you better understand that person, help make a connection, maybe even bring that connection to someone else who might otherwise not know about the person.

This company has a history of funding AI research, including Meta Vision, Metaview, metaVise, the open-source video analytics framework MetaSpace, as well as Meta-Fusion. Facebook is also looking at the work of other people in fields like quantum computing, artificial intelligence, visual recognition, speech recognition. Even the ability to generate human-level computer vision is not that far off. But, of course, no one can tell you that. So, in case you were wondering, there's no money in it - just the possibility of making some money.

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