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Virtual AI or virtual intelligence is the term used for the segment of artificial intelligence that exists within a virtual reality world. Many virtuality spaces provide options for intelligent virtual avatars that provide information, training, role-playing, and social interactions. A recent study done by MIT's Media Lab and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business has shown how virtual avatars can also be developed to be able to function as autonomous agents within their virtual environments.

smart virtual agentThis can be Nebula, a smart virtual agent which can play music or use the Internet to navigate around an entire virtual city. It could be turned into an autonomous agent that can navigate its own virtual town, like Google Maps. The study was done in collaboration with scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the London School for Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, as well as the Australian National University's Centre for Robotic Vision. "If you can teach virtual agents to behave like real people, this opens up a new level of innovation in virtual life that we're just starting to understand," said Dr. Adam Smith, Ph.D., co-leader of the research team at the Media Lab. Source: IBM, MIT Media, Wharton

The Smartest, Most Connected Robot in History

In a world where people and technology converge, it's not surprising that it will be a future issue for a tech company to make your virtual avatar smart and smart-looking. IBM and MIT researchers are developing a system to do just that. When you think of IoT, you often think about devices that do stuff for you, whether it be connected cameras, robots, smart speakers, and more. But, what if we could also think up our own smart devices? That's where IBM's DeepMind project comes in. Deepmind is building a robot that's smart enough to act like you. Here's the secret. In IBM Deep Mind's video, we see the robot walk

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