Month: May 2021

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Water AI

Water is essential commodity. According to the experts, there can be wars in the future for the procurement of water. It is essential for the stability of any nation. Similar to other industries, artificial intelligences is also transforming global water supply, storage, cleaning and waste management. AI algorithms helping the administations to optimize overall water…
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Leonardo By Tachyum – The Most Powerful Supercomputer for AI

What is a supercomputer? A supercomputer is a computer with a very higher level of processing power for extreme performances as compared to the personal computer. Usually, large companies and research organizations use these machines to handle vast data, and the cost of owning and maintaining is a very higher level. There are only a…
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Artificial Superintelligence, AI in a Box & Machine Consciousness With Nick Bostrom

Artificial Superintelligence or digital superintelligence that is ready to challenge the human intelligence formed after a long evolutional process. But, if humans survive the threat of extinction by human activities then experts are expecting an ace era of humanity. Experts have a common belief that the time of the process from Artificial General Intelligence to…
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Symbolic AI Or Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence

A popular term “Symbolic AI” also known as the “good old-fashioned AI” is used for the group of methods in the research of artificial intelligence with a high level of human-readable and understandable symbols that represents the problem, logic, and search. The core concept defines as the assumption that various levels of intelligence can be…
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Top AI Stocks In India

From Google Assistant, Alexa to Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is being used very widely. The use is increasing day by day in the top growing sectors such as healthcare, finance, eCommerce, and manufacturing. According to a report published on Live Mint, AI will help to grow the revenue in the technology sector and can surpass…
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Music AI – Transformation In The Music Industry By Artificial Intelligence

The future of humans is associated with artificial intelligence. AI researchers are innovating new concepts and tools to benefits the humanity in all the segment of society. We can start observing the impact of AI in all sectors including the medical, stock market, automation, security, communication, and entertainment. In entertainment, Music AI is the latest…
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ATMAN AI – AI Based Intelligent COVID-19 Detector Technology By DRDO

Atman is an artificial intelligence-based intelligent and secure web software that can help to detect Covid 19 infection by using chest X-Rays. This AI software is developed by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), a laboratory of the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) with the support of 5C Network & HCG Academics…
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Intelligent Homes Based on AI

A new futuristic AI-enabled intelligent home is not far from the present. In the next few years, we will see smart homes based on artificial intelligence. How we can achieve this? It will be possible with the help of Internet of Things devices and an AI-based framework. All devices will be connected to a secure…
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Organic AI

Organic artificial intelligence or AI is the concept of alternative machine learning algorithm-based artificial intelligence. Although, AI technology is still in its initial phase and a very new trend there are scientists and futurists who are working on biological AI technology rather than only machine AI theory. Current technology needs the fusion of running algorithms…
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Samsung Bot Handy – AI Based Robot Butler Assistant

Samsung Bot Handy is an artificial intelligence-based robot butler/assistant. The prototype was shown off at the Consumer & Electronic Show 2021 in the USA. CES is the world’s largest and most popular annual technology conference where few largest companies exhibit their innovations to the world. The recent robotic innovation based on advanced AI was presented…
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