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Organic Artificial Intelligence

Organic artificial intelligence or AI is the concept of alternative machine learning algorithm-based artificial intelligence. Although, AI technology is still in its initial phase and a very new trend there are scientists and futurists who are working on biological AI technology rather than only machine AI theory. Current technology needs the fusion of running algorithms + big data processing that may directly or indirectly contribute to pollution. It also brings the sense of the outer world beyond human civilization life.

A small group of AI researchers is working on the concept of more sustainable natural solutions with AI capabilities. One company "AnotherBrain" is fundraising for 19 million Euros for its phase 1. Their business pitch is attracting the interest of many investors. According to the company, they are working on bio-inspired, frugal, and human-friendly, low data and energy-based AI solutions that can find better alternatives to deep learning.

The company is developing artificial-enabled chip technology that can learn autonomously. The concept is inspired by the cerebral cortex in the human brain. A group of investors Seb Alliance, Alpha Intelligence Capital, Cathay Capital, Robinson Technologies, Daphni, and other reputed investors have supported the Organic AI idea by providing initial investments.

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