Intelligent Homes Based on AI

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Intelligent Homes Based on AI

Intelligent Homes Based on AI

A new futuristic AI-enabled intelligent home is not far from the present. In the next few years, we will see smart homes based on artificial intelligence. How we can achieve this? It will be possible with the help of Internet of Things devices and an AI-based framework. All devices will be connected to a secure data connection.

AI systems and design solutions of the building will interrelate intelligently to respond to the comfort of the occupants, including window openings, shades, lighting, insulation, cooling, heating, and hot water systems. Thermal comfort system in the summer helps to save energy use. To control the temperature, it will start the ceiling fan. It could shade the smart windows to reduce the glare. It will control from the light to home temperature, security and grocery list, controlling the water, and including passing the messages to all family members while sitting in their own rooms.

This multi-media article will answer some important question such as:

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What will be the role of artificial intelligence in the future smart homes?

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