ATMAN AI – AI Based Intelligent COVID-19 Detector Technology By DRDO

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ATMAN AI – AI Based Intelligent COVID-19 Detector Technology By DRDO

Atman AI By DRDO India

Atman AI By DRDO (India)

Atman is an artificial intelligence-based intelligent and secure web software that can help to detect Covid 19 infection by using chest X-Rays. This AI software is developed by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), a laboratory of the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) with the support of 5C Network & HCG Academics in India.

Atman AI Process

In the laboratory, the researchers have innovated an artificial intelligence-based fully secured web application Covid-19 detection system ATMAN. The system can analyze and classify the chest X-Rays of normal conditions, Covid-19 and Pneumonia infections. The SARS-CoV or Coronavirus starts its effects on body parts such as the lungs even before any noticeable symptoms. Only the RT-PCR test is the option to detect any infections in the early stage but it may take hours to get the result. The newly developed AI system can process the test and provide the result in few seconds.

Atman AI is based on Deep Convolution Neural Network technology that can process the accurate Covid-19 detection even in the limited variant illuminations level in the X-Rays. The intelligent software will pre-process the X-Rays image prior to sending data to the neural network.  The best part, the software is very easy to access over the internet and compatible with most devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops.

The final testing results authenticity are validated by the doctors from M/s HCG Centre for Academics and Research, Bengaluru and M/s Ankh Life Care, Bengaluru. Same doctors also helped in the development by providing relevant data and domain knowledge.

ATMAN AI – AI Based Intelligent COVID-19 detector Technology By DRDO – India AI

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