David Luan – Founding Team, CEO at Adept AI Labs

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David Luan – Founding Team, CEO at Adept AI Labs

David Luan - Founding Team, CEO at Adept AI Labs

Biography of David Luan

David Luan is a distinguished leader and innovator in the field of artificial intelligence, currently serving as the CEO and a founding team member of Adept AI Labs. With a robust career spanning over a decade, David has made significant contributions to AI research, engineering, and policy.

Early Education and Background

David Luan’s journey into the world of technology began at an early age. In 2002, he enrolled at Worcester Academy, where he completed his secondary education in 2006. During this period, he also attended Worcester State University from 2000 to 2005, earning a Certificate in Computer Science. This early dual enrollment illustrates his precocious talent and dedication to the field of computer science.

After Worcester Academy, David continued his education at Phillips Academy Andover from 2006 to 2009. Though the specifics of his studies at Andover are not detailed, his time there undoubtedly contributed to his foundational knowledge and intellectual growth.

In 2009, David embarked on his undergraduate studies at Yale University. He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Political Science, graduating in 2013. This interdisciplinary approach equipped him with a unique blend of technical expertise and an understanding of the broader societal implications of technological advancements.

Professional Career

David’s professional career is marked by a series of prestigious roles at leading technology companies and research institutions. He began his career as an intern in the Computer Science Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, gaining early experience in the academic side of technology research.

Following his internship, David worked at iRobot Research, which further honed his skills in applied robotics and AI. He then moved to Microsoft, where he served as a Program Manager, diving deep into the operational aspects of technology development.

In a significant leap in his career, David became the CEO of Dextro, a company specializing in deep learning for video categorization and scene segmentation. His leadership at Dextro showcased his entrepreneurial spirit and technical acumen, driving the company to new heights in AI innovation.

David’s journey continued at Axon, where he was the Director of AI. At Axon, he oversaw AI projects that focused on public safety technologies, reinforcing his commitment to applying AI for societal benefit.

Leadership in AI Research and Development

David’s next major role was at OpenAI, a leading research institution in the AI domain. He initially joined as the Director of Engineering and later became the VP of Engineering. During his tenure, he was instrumental in advancing core machine learning research, safety research, and policy work. His efforts at OpenAI were pivotal in steering the organization towards groundbreaking AI developments while ensuring ethical considerations were at the forefront.

Following his impactful stint at OpenAI, David joined Google Research. As the Director, he led the large models effort and served as the Google Brain Lead. His work at Google was marked by significant advancements in large-scale AI models, contributing to the global AI research community.

In addition to his roles in technology companies, David was a member of the Impact Advisory Committee at Apollo Global Management Inc., where he provided strategic insights on the ethical and societal impacts of AI and other emerging technologies.

Current Role

Today, David Luan serves as the CEO of Adept AI Labs, a company he co-founded. Under his leadership, Adept AI Labs focuses on pushing the boundaries of AI research and development. His vision for Adept AI Labs is to create AI systems that are not only advanced but also beneficial and accessible to society.


David Luan’s career is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and visionary leadership in the field of artificial intelligence. From his early education in computer science to leading AI research at some of the world’s foremost technology companies, David has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation and ethical AI development. His ongoing work at Adept AI Labs promises to continue shaping the future of AI, making significant contributions to technology and society.

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