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Read AI is a term to use for various purposes. We can find the term used for the company with specialized services and the tools based on artificial intelligence. Below, we are going to highlight some information regarding read ai concepts.

Read.AI (Company)

First, "Read.AI" is a company that provides interactive experiences solutions with the mission to improve human interactions by helping people identify social cues and recommending actions, as claimed by the company. As per information available in the market, the company has only a domain active "Read.AI" with just a Google form and an official email  to contact for further information. The company provides no further information publically and there is no current or future plan disclosed for it. The company has no registration information on available on US and Canada trademark databases. The information will be updated as soon as the update will be received.

AI Tools For Reading & Speech

The technology called "Automated Lip Reading" or ALR based on artificial intelligence is developed to understand what is being spoken based solely on visuals or videos. Not to be confused with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology that is used developed to understand what is being spoken based on audio format. Reading the text in multiple languages in natural format is another AI tool getting popularity to generate professional speaking voice with 100% correct pronunciations in different language accents. Speech-to-Text is similar to AI tools to convert speech into written text in a short time. All these are distinct technologies for various purposes.

AI researchers are working to develop Mind-Reading AI technology to read the human mind and thoughts. This technology can help people with physical disabilities such as unable to communicate and person with Parkinson diseases. They can perform so many activities by their mind thoughts. The technology is still in the initial stage and may take a while to see something substantial on the ground but can be revolutionary to change the life of millions.

How Artificial Intelligence Reads Minds By Sabine Hossenfelder

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