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Copywiting is essential for online business platforms. Whether you are ecommerce company or involve in content marketing, you need to have good copywriting skill. Unfortunately, it takes time, experience and good knowledge in your niche for good influential copywriting. Beside deep knowledge of the subject matter, you also need online research skill to find the information, understand and then convert into your own unique prospective and structure. For better user experience and understading, we can use high class and relevant images, tables and videos. We can add the authority external reference links of sources the information is taken from and cpompiled.

In the nutshell, copywriting is a group of skills that required knowledge, experience, understanding, analytical skill, and intelligence. To aquire all, you need to spend time and work hard to win the game.

Since, everything is connected to internet and success is not possible without good contents and basically copywriting skills then what could be alternatives to solve the problem? Fortunately, we have tools for copywriting based on artificial intelligence technology we call "Copywriting AI".

AI copywriters works based on same concept as human copywriters. As human, we plan the contents then research the topic online to understand. Then we compile the information, give unique writing with media inputs and contents are ready. Detailed process is already explained in previous paragraph.

The advance AI copywriters basically connected to most of information resources online. When we provide the basic information about the planned topic(s), it search and research the contents online, understand and write multiple formats. Then you can choose the one or more contents that serves your purpose or relevant to your prospective in specific niche.

How AI understands our topic and purposes of contents? Its the same way if we hire a content writer. How will professional copywriter will write the purpose specific contents? You tell them. You tell them the topic of writing, your purpose, give some examples and then pro writer will start writing and provide you samples or rough drafts as per his understanding of your requirement. You choose the format then copywriter will finalize the draft as per your given length and deadline.

The tools for copywriting based on AI works in same way. You just types the topic, it will provide you multiple descriptions. You choose the most relevamt serves your purpose. Then it will start writing the topic in front of you in the computer screen. All this happens so fast after selections.

Usually it takes only 10-20 minutes to write full page copy of 1000 to 1500 words which may takes hours to finalize if written by humans. Only thing might take time is how fast you can learn to use this tool, select the drafts and make small adjustments. Here an important thing to keep in mind is that, as per present AI technology, contents cannot be perfect as per your vision because your vision is in your mind. No one can see or understand without connecting to your brain. Neurolinks company by Elon Musk might solve this problem in near future. But as per current capabilities, after AI generated contents from advance copywriters, you still need manual contents adjustments to make it more personal and close to your opinions.

There are multiple AI copywriters available in the market. Except few basic tools with very low contents qualities, most of these AI writing tools are paid and not very cheap. But I can say, the problem they solve is huge compared to the price they charge which is affordable for sure. It can help you to have significant impact on your online success. Below, we will discuss about few Copywriting AI tools that can help you to select one out of this list.

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