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Cybersecurity AI

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We can easily see the impact of AI on all the business. Some sectors are growing gradually but some sectors have high growth of integration with artificial intelligence. Information technology and telecommunication are the key sectors where we can see a high AI adoption rate. Information technology is a huge sector. More specifically, cybersecurity is the most impacted by AI technologies.

Artificial intelligence can be beneficial as well as a threat to cybersecurity. AI can be used for malicious purposes or to protect from malicious attacks. Machine learnings and deep learnings are making sophisticated cyber-attacks easier and faster for extreme destructive attacks. On the good side, AI can work 24*7 without break to analyze much deeper level to evaluate the threat, provide more correct wider feedback about severity level. Explainable AI can help to expose sophisticated cyber attacks for future preparation against similar possible threats. AI is opening new horizons in the world of cybersecurity.

How AI/ML Is Transforming Cybersecurity