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Robotic AI

Robotic Artificial Intelligence

robotics and aiRobotic AI term is used to describe the artificial intelligence developments specific to robotics. Usually, people get confused between robotics and artificial intelligence.

A robot is a physical machine that may or may not be equipped with artificial intelligence. AI or artificial intelligence is an algorithm based on machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks that may be integrated with any physical and non-physical machine.

Robotics are commonly operated by the human or programmed to perform specific tasks programmed and in build within chipsets. It doesn’t require any intelligence. Modern advanced robotics is integrated with AI to perform more intelligent activities based on sophisticated complex calculations. It helps to reduce the human resources to manage the majority of activities and keep eye on their outputs.

Top companies developing AI robots:

Boston Dynamics
Canvas Technology
Miso Robotics
Rethink Robotics

Advanced AI Robots – Humanoid & Industrial Robots