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A “Cyborg” is a mixture of humans + machines. The word was originated from two words: Cybernetic and Organism. There are various types of cyborgs but in general, they can be formed by both organic and bio-mechatronic body parts. The term was developed in 1960 by famous Austrian scientist & inventor Manfred Clynes and American scientist & researcher Nathan S. Kline.

The fusion of biology and technology is required to restore the organismic functions or to enhance human capabilities. It can be achieved by installing artificial components to support the biological bodily system.

The term Cyborg AI is used to refer to when cyborg technology integrates with artificial intelligence. The purpose is to integrate mechatronic + AI with biological intelligence. All this possible by connecting computer systems and biological systems together. It enhances the biological strength of the human body with cognitive ability and computational power. Cyborg with AI is opening a new paradigm and countless possibilities in the future.

How We’ll Become Cyborgs And Extend Human Potential By Hugh Herr