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What comes to mind first when we consider Mathematical artificial intelligence or Math AI? Math AI is kind of new developing term in the world of artificial intelligence. There can be different purposes to think about it. You might be looking to find math to learn for AI. You might be looking for good tutorials to serve your purpose. You have a good hold on math and want to create good mathematical AI tutorials for learners. You can be interested in the mathematical tools based on artificial intelligence technology for complex calculations. Or you might be looking for famous mathematicians to follow because you can receive the latest up-to-date.

In this multimedia article, we have tried to comply with relevant information with some verified authentic resources to serve all the purposes mentioned above.

The most frequently asked question about AI math learners is, where to begin? What is the best way to learn Mathematics at the beginning of the AI journey? The temptation of the student might be to focus on lots of reading. A common recommendation would be to spend more time on problems than you naturally do. Try to focus on specific problems. Do not finish any chapter without working on some core exercises. Math is about practice and interactions then reading.

According to famous research scholars, stop thinking of AI as magic or killer robots similar to terminators. AI is simply gobbledygook equations, computational calculations known as Math. The statement itself proves the importance of mathematics in artificial intelligence.

There are many parts of math but to become a machine learning and artificial intelligence pro, you need a clear understanding of Linear algebra, basic differential calculus, coordinate transformation, and non-linear transformations, linear and higher-order regression, logistic regression, numerical analysis, and basic statistics.

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