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AI is helping space science and moving further. Do you think the concept of the existence of artificial intelligence is actually new? well when there was no internet in the past, people were researching artificial intelligence by reading books or checking out articles in the newspaper. what exactly is artificial intelligence. 

This is the key term shorted start a lot of curiosity back in the day. people wanted to know if they could actually teach the computers to learn like how a young child does. The concept here was basically to use trial and error to develop formal reasoning. The term artificial intelligence was actually coined way back in 1956 by John McCarthy, a professor at Dartmouth. For years, that was thought that computers would never match the power of the human brain but this has proven to be not the case. Well back then we did not have enough data and computation followed as well.

But, now the big data coming into existence and over the advent of GPUs, artificial intelligence is quite possible and you actually know that 90 percent of the voice data has been generated in the past 2 years alone and computers can make sense of all this information more quickly than humans so very soon. You can see artificial intelligence being a little less artificial and unlock more intelligent artificial intelligence, in my opinion, is the simulation of human intelligence done by machines programmed by us and the machines need to learn how to reason and self-correction, as needed along the way not at me abi del algorithms which artificial intelligence systems can make use of they can form you, stars 5 still and more efficiently so machine learning and deep learning.