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Chandrayaan 3 Live

Chandrayaan 3 mission live

Chandrayaan 3 Lunar Landing: Global Unity in Prayers for Success

As anticipation builds for India's Chandrayaan-3 to achieve a historic landing at the Moon's South Pole, a powerful wave of unity is sweeping across the world. People of various faiths are setting aside religious differences to come together and root for the triumph of Chandrayaan-3's mission. This remarkable display of solidarity knows no bounds, spanning continents as individuals join in prayers, religious practices, and diverse rituals, all aimed at propelling the mission toward success. Keep track of the latest updates on this monumental event.

**LIVE NOW: Chandrayaan 3 Mission Updates

**Chandrayaan 3 Live Updates: Navigating '17 Minutes of Terror' for Moon Touchdown**

Tensions are high as Chandrayaan 3, India's ambitious lunar mission, prepares for a monumental touchdown near the Moon's South Pole at 6:04 pm. The Lander Module, comprising Vikram (the lander) and Pragyan (the rover), is undergoing meticulous internal checks while awaiting the sunrise at the designated landing site. Amidst confidence from ISRO, the process of soft-landing is coined "17 minutes of terror," showcasing the intricate choreography of autonomous engine firings, precise fuel management, and lunar scans.

**Unlocking Possibilities: India's Ascent through Chandrayaan 3**

Beyond the lunar landing, success in Chandrayaan 3 holds transformative potential. The safe soft-landing sets the stage for commercializing landing technology under the Artemis Accords, with India now a signatory. This stride also opens doors to augmenting instruments on the lander and rover, amplifying India's capacity for diverse experiments and exploration.

**Streaming Live: Witness the Countdown to Moon's Embrace**

Tune in at 6.04 pm to witness the historic landing live on ISRO's YouTube and Facebook channels or at, as Chandrayaan 3 paints a remarkable journey toward the lunar surface.

**Chandrayaan 3: Engineering Marvel**

Chandrayaan 3 stands as an engineering marvel, fortified to tackle known and unforeseen challenges. Equipped with an array of sensors, the Vikram lander ensures precise velocity and altitude calculations. Eight attitude control engines stabilize the descent, adept at detecting lunar surface variations and geographical hazards. The expanded landing zone, coupled with tested lander legs, further fortifies this audacious endeavor.

**Navigating the Descent: Gravity's Dance**

In the final approach, at an altitude of about 30 km, the lander engages powered braking by retro-firing its thruster engines. This intricate maneuver controls speed reduction, countering the Moon's gravitational pull to ensure a safe, controlled landing.

**Vikram Lander: Unveiling the Marvel**

Vikram, with a mission span of 14 Earth days (one Lunar day), boasts a mass of 1749.86 kg, including the Rover. Its scientific arsenal encompasses four payloads, geared to study surface plasma, thermal dynamics, moonquakes, and the intricacies of the Moon's system.

As the clock ticks closer to this historic feat, Chandrayaan 3 illuminates India's prowess in space exploration, weaving science, technology, and courage into a tapestry of human achievement.

*Stay updated and engaged as we journey toward the Moon's embrace.*