Google Will Help To Develop The Indian A.I. Ecosystem

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Google Will Help To Develop The Indian A.I. Ecosystem

Indian A.I. Ecosystem

The National Institution for Transforming India, also called NITI Aayog, a premier policy ‘Think Tank’ of the Government of India has joined hands with the goal was to promote the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystem in India. Google has been tossed with creating and incubating in artificial intelligence startups but what is artificial intelligence?

It’s been a fascinating concept of science for decades but only now have scientists been able to develop computer systems that can perform human-like dolls. These dolls range from speech recognition, translation into different languages, visual perception, and even decision making. In today’s edition of in-depth let’s understand how artificial intelligence works, what is its relevance and benefits in our lives and how will it impact our lives in the future.

So as we told you India has joined hands with tech giant Google to keep pace with other countries that are moving towards adopting artificial intelligence. NITI Aayog has partnered with Google to work on a range of initiatives to build an artificial intelligence ecosystem across India. The objective is to augment capacity in healthcare improve education and also be the overall economic productivity of the country.

From the early days of human civilization, efforts have been made to replace human hands with machines. Human civilization never looked back since the day it started moving towards making life simpler and easier by incorporating more machines into our daily lives. human beings started looking for something more than just machines, something that would just read the human mind and do the required work just like a genius who fulfills wishes and with time human beings began to think that they can fulfill all their ideas through signs.

Humans have worked tirelessly in the field of science and technology to build the machine or robots that do the work usually done by humans and can also think like one. this is artificial intelligence.  

Artificial intelligence is essential, what is intelligence? Intelligence is our ability to take variables from our senses whether it is touch, whether it is the smell, sight, hearing, or any other sense, and uses that in our brain to process certain decisions. artificial intelligence is similar to how a machine would do this. So typically in AI system has receptors or sensors through it that will pick data from its environment. It will have a memory of what to do depending on what signal it gets and then it would take a decision that can communicate to another device based on the memory card and the sensor input which in court. Several countries have developed their own artificial intelligence and now India with the collaboration of Google has signed a statement of intent to work on a range of initiatives to help build the AI ecosystem across the country.

The Indian government has entrusted NITI Aayog to set up a national program to conduct research and development in leading technologies like AI and machine learning. India will use AI technologies to create better healthcare, improve education outcomes, develop innovative governance systems, and improve overall economic productivity.

NITI Aayog has done a partnership with a world leader in technology which is Google to promote the issue of artificial intelligence. A lot of things eliminate out of this partnership. One is in terms of promoting a Ph.D. is our doctors work in artificial intelligence machine opinion institutions like the Indian Institute of Technologies. The other thing which is even more significant is that this agreement in this partnership will foster an environment where the entrepreneurs especially Indian startups. By this, the sector of artificial intelligence to be promoted.

Google will also bring its online training courses like Google’s machine learning crash course to student’s graduates and engineers to different cities across India in the form of study groups and developers run courses. There is an incubation program where startups working with an AI ML Space will be mentored by Google to better leverage AI in their respective business models.

NITI Aayog and Google will organize an AI ML Hackathon that will focus on solving key challenges in agriculture, education, health care, financial inclusion, transportation, and mobility. The IT ministry has formed for AI committees, citizen-centric services, data platforms, skilling, re-skilling, and R & D, legal regulatory, and cybersecurity.  According to information technology minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, these committees would be headed by I. T. directors and industry experts from organizations like NASSCOM.