Scope of A.I. in India

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Scope of A.I. in India


In India, AI is still in the adoption stage but slowly it is being used to find smart solutions to modern problems in almost all the major sectors such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure, Transport, Cyber Security, Banking, Manufacturing, business, Hospitality, Entertainment. The major reasons why AI is preferred for so many fields are because it is highly accurate which minimizes the risk of errors while using AI technology. Secondly, some activities are impossible for a human to perform and hence AI is used to do those activities such as mining exploration or ocean exploration.

Yet, as the use of AI is gradually expanding, the number of intellectual services that India consumes through services like AI has grown persistently. So, while IMF 7 is a leading indicator that countries are getting ready for Artificial Intelligence adoption, India and the surrounding region are performing much better as can be seen from the growth of the AI industry in various fields.

The governance think-tank, the National Institute for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog (Hindi for Policy Commission), will lead a research-focused national AI program. This improvement comes on the heels of the Government of India's Commerce and Industry Department's 2017 announcement of a Task Force on Artificial Intelligence for India's Economic Transformation.

As per a report by Accenture, artificial intelligence can add US$957 billion, or 15% of India's current gross incentive in 2035. The mix of the innovation, data, and capacity that make insightful frameworks potential has shown up at the minimum amount, driving outstanding development in AI venture. The Government of India is showing widespread interest across all industrial sectors in India in AI applications. Much of India's momentum today appears to be in the form of government AI pilot projects in agriculture and healthcare and the rise of AI startups in Indian tech hubs.

We definitely hope that India, both for the well-being of its people and to ensure the health of its economy, will make the most of artificial intelligence. The next five years will be a time to set both the pace and pattern of the country's adoption of AI.

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