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Tesla AI Day in 2022 revealed the first look at the Optimus robot strolling around the stage, advanced updates on self-driving software, and a first look at the Dojo hardware powering Tesla's AI research. The live-streamed event is set to start at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET and will take place at the Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, has been a big fan of robots, especially those that can learn and adapt, in order to help us out in our jobs. Musk even recently said that he wants to see a robot that is "as smart as a human being."

The company's new self-driving hardware is designed to make that happen. It has a number of sensors and cameras on it that will help Tesla improve its autonomous driving technology. But the company isn't stopping there. Its new Dojos are going to be able to learn from their mistakes and then use that knowledge to improve. Tesla's autonomous vehicle software will be updated to incorporate the new sensors. This new hardware will enable the car to drive itself autonomously, as opposed to relying solely on its driver to take control. That's a huge change from Tesla vehicles that rely entirely on their driver's skills to control the car.

The Doji robots are the latest in a long line of Tesla hardware that's been developed to enable autonomous vehicles. Earlier this year, Tesla unveiled its first autonomous car, the Model 3. In addition to the autonomous drive, it also has the ability to park, accelerate, brake, and steer. And it can do all of this while being able to communicate with Tesla drivers using a wireless network. So, what does that all mean for Tesla? Well, if you're a Tesla owner, you can expect the same level of autonomy that you have with your Model S, Model X, or Model X. You'll be able to do things like park the vehicle, drive it, get out and walk around, etc. However, there's no doubt that Tesla will continue to work with its customers to improve the hardware, software, and software engineering that enables it to operate in autonomous mode. Tesla's Autopilot software is now capable of driving a Model Y without the driver being in control, thanks to Tesla's AI Drive. But Tesla isn't just going to rely on AI for its self-driving cars, either. They have also developed their own hardware for this. Their first hardware product is called the Autonomous Driving Platform. In the future, this could be a standalone device that could drive a car autonomously, without needing the company's software.

Tesla has also been working on a hardware platform for self-learning. Musk says that it will have a lot of potential for AI and robotics. The Autonaut team at Tesla is also working closely with the MIT AI Lab and the University of Washington to develop a new type of AI hardware. They're using a combination of the company's proprietary hardware and their own research to create a robot that is capable, at its most basic level, of learning and adapting to the world around it.

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