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AI in Robotics in India

The future for robotics and AI in India

ai in robotics in indiaThe future for robotics and AI in India is bright. The rapid transformation and advancement in robotics and AI in India is a refreshing development across organizations. Different sectors including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, food and beverages industries have embraced this technology. Pursuing a course in Robotics and AI ensures great career opportunities with blue-chip companies like ISRO, BHEL, and DRDO as robotics specialists. Increasing employment opportunities will be available in the areas like manufacturing industries, mining industry, nuclear power plants, space research organizations, gaming industry, biomedical equipment manufacturing firms, and more.

Good News for Engineers & Scientists: The challenging, high-risk industry of technology, and services, has been transformed into stable and reliable industrial ecosystems. Robotics and AI are expanding their industrially relevant applications. This contributed to a voluntary exodus of software engineers from the Indian IT industry. The jobs-minded engineering educated engineers & scientists have the potential to be the need of the hour in the sector. Spurring growth in the growth of industry and expansion and participation of Indian Association of Linux hosted Comex-sponsored conferences will ensure thriving security, cybersecurity, robotics, and AI infrastructure across various spheres.

The Digital Infrastructure for Faster Scientific Research in India (DIFSIR) aims to provide funding for deeper and better integration of research projects through advanced systems. Projects will be planned at joint centers of excellence like the National Institute of Technology. Efforts will be focused on the cross, meta-programs across different sectors of the science.

The role of AI in Robotics in India has gone up tremendously. Investors are increasingly driving awareness and a high-tech approach in intelligent commercial and non-commercial machines. The Government of India’s India AI project has raised awareness and improved access to technological education. AI technology has become an essential component of research & development in all sectors. In fact, artificial intelligence systems integration is becoming a lucrative career in major sectors. The need is to deliver the high-end AI solutions that various industries require to address a variety of problems. It is all about the living and continued integration of information technology with the specialists.

artificial intelligence promotionThe extent to which advanced robotics equipment is being delivered to various industries in India under the artificial intelligence promotion mission, national and state governments quickly signing various agreements with top technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Infosys, etc. In recent years, we have realized the true potential to transform the industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, information technology, transportation, and many others. The software developed by AI companies allows easy integration and implementation. There is clearly an escalation of AI innovation in the all-sector, particularly in the field of remote services such as telemedicine, distance education, and research & development services. Advances in technology are being addressed in the form of providing solutions and improving the quality of human life.

When manual workers' expenses are increasing, work opportunity is increasing by smart robotics based on AI. Businesses such as construction, engineering are making gains in manufacturing. AI skill training institutes is a crucial factor affecting growth and development. India needs to address aspiring young people who are being left behind by being denied opportunities because they have been placed in third-level level STEM coaching schools. 

To break the bottleneck, the Indian government education and human resources departments are setting up AI degree programs from bachelors to masters and also Ph.D. levels at top training institutes for engineering, science, and management such as IITs, NITs, and IIMs. Government mission and vision for artificial intelligence help in the development of these institutes. This gives opportunities to top students for prestigious engineers roles as the training being undertaken is of the highest quality.

Majority of nations in the world seeking AI advancementThis new AI technology can be the breakthrough that enables the innovative vision to win over entrenched opposing forces as well as demographic change. The Indian AI projects supported by NITI Aayog suggests a holistic approach to the artificial intelligence movement for their national assets. Strategic and tactical military AI systems have been proliferating Western tactics in Asia. Their deployment in the Indian Army provides opportunities to prevent infiltration and reduce the enemy's leverage on Indian citizens. Smart weapons based on artificial intelligence can assist to defeat the enemies when they are attacking and weaken them, complicate their war strategy, and reduce their subsequent collateral damage. Technology can also help us to put them on the back foot by confidential defense data analysis for winning strategies.

. There is a need for immediate attention and coordinated efforts to develop artificial intelligence. This will identify opportunities for solutions and promote the democratization of solutions, through enabling people in India, in partnership with a wide array of organizations, and thinking strategically about capacity building.

The next-generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science, and the Cloud are about to make it possible to compete with traditional solutions. There will be a new paradigm shift in the conservative approach to finding a solution and AI will lead the movement to bring the change.

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