What Is Conversational AI?

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What Is Conversational AI?

What is conversational ai

Conversational AI is a subset technology of Artificial Intelligence that provides the capability of humanlike interaction by algorithms in the form of Chatbots. It provides communication between humans and machines with the help of computer language such as machine learning. The goal is to bridge the communication gap and make it easy and natural.

In the videos below, Conversational AI is explained well and in the second video, Dr. Jason Mars answers the important questions, "why conversational ai is taking over the world. Dr. Mars is the co-founder of Clinc and professor of computer science at the University of Michigan. Please watch both videos till the end to understand the Conversational Artificial Intelligence concept.

This article and the embedded videos provide the answers to frequently asked questions about Conversational AI such as:

What is a Conversational AI?

Why is Conversational AI is important?

What is the example of Conversational AI?

Does Conversational AI NLU?

What are top Conversational AI Companies?

What Is Conversational AI?

Why Conversational AI Is Taking Over The World By Dr. Jason Mars

Conversational AI Companies

1. BotXO AI - BotXO is a leading Conversational AI solution provider that delivers a powerful AI Chatbot Builder to companies worldwide.

2. SAP Conversational AI - SAP Conversational AI automates your business processes and improves customer support with AI chatbots.

3. Houndify - Through Houndify, you can integrate a powerful, flexible and scalable voice-enabled conversational intelligence into your product, service or business and instantly simplify your user interface.

4. Passage AI - With Passage AI’s conversational interface, no consumer will ever have to wait 10 hours to get a simple answer to a question again.

5. KAI - KAI is trained and ready to host the humanizing experiences today’s customers demand, while intuitively opening doors to deeper customer engagements.

6. - provides an enterprise-grade, end-to-end conversational AI platform that can be deployed on-premises or to the cloud that allows companies to quickly and easily build advanced chatbots without sacrificing privacy, security or compliance.

7. MindMeld - The MindMeld Conversational AI Platform is a Python-based machine learning framework that encompasses all of the algorithms and utilities required for building production-quality conversational applications.

8. - Landbot manages and automates conversations on the main messaging channels to help you convert smarter, every time.

9. Mindsay - Mindsay created its leading conversational AI platform to allow businesses to provide better customer experience using bots.

10. AmplifyReach Chatbot - mplifyReach is focused on real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company’s AI algorithms convert human communication into actionable context, intent & interest.

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