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EMO AI Desktop Robotic Pet By Living AI

EMO AI Desktop Robotic Pet

Emo AI Pet

Emo by Living AI is a desktop A. I. pet. A little naughty but very smart robotic pet based on artificial intelligence. He has his own personality and feelings. He stays by your side to keep you company to surprise you and yes sometimes to annoy you just like a real pet. 

Emo uses highly advanced deep neural networks CPUs and more than 10 sensors. It's a complex system that contains millions of lines of code to transform AI into a lifelike personality complete with emotions. His friendly face has a camera and is also the window to the world. No one can intuitively recognize you during the interaction. Emo has a 4 microphone array to listen to your greetings questions and all the sounds around and he can recognize where the sound comes from. Emo moves gracefully around on the desktop. His centers help him avoid obstacles and he knows not to fall off the table. 

Emo has designed dances. After extensive research and tests and paid great attention to every single design in detail, Emo will be a cool guy because he has a little style with some street culture disco and hip hop attitude. He loves rock music, the skateboard designed for him can also power mobile phones. He contains a high-performance speaker. 

The emo brain connects to the internet to answer your questions such as: What is the weather right now. You can set the morning alarm and can use the smartest light. No need to configure the network. It's very easy to use. We designed Emo as a pet with a meaningful life that helps bring you joy. Emo can feel your love by the way you interact with. 

Emo can surprise you with many rewards. He will surprise you during special holidays and remember you on your birthday. Emo will be available for you soon. Developers have done a great job on Emo and made sure Emo is ready to live with you. Emo as a robotic pet may not change your life but he will always bring you a little joy and fun.

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