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Samsung Bot Handy – AI Based Robot Butler Assistant

Samsung Bot Handy is an artificial intelligence-based robot butler/assistant. The prototype was shown off at the Consumer & Electronic Show 2021 in the USA. CES is the world’s largest and most popular annual technology conference where few largest companies exhibit their innovations to the world. The recent robotic innovation based on advanced AI was presented…
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AI Cryptocurrency

AI Cryptocurrencies are the encryption-based crypto coins and tokens that are based on the artificial intelligence industry. Here are the most popular AI cryptos: Ocean Protocol (Ocean) Prometeus (Prom) Fetch (FET) SingularityNET (AGI) Numeraire (NMR) Velas (VLX) GNY (GNY) dKargo (DKA) AllianceBlock (ALBT) Mobilian Coin (MBN)

Top AI Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence-based Chating bot or AI Chatbot is a smart application that is built to simulate conversation via messaging application in natural language. The application will provide 24/7 availability of chat support on websites online. AI Chatbots are built to provide a better response rate, redirect the customer to a relevant department that saves valuable…
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What Is Google Duplex & How To Use It?

Google Duplex is an extension of Google Assitant that can make human-like phone calls instructed by the user. It is based on the deep neural network built on Wavenet Technology for the voice of the duplex. Wavenet is a speed synthesis program that worked with joining very short units of sound together to create speech.…
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What Is Embodied AI?

Embodied AI is a subset technology of artificial intelligence due to the latest research in machine learning and computer vision. Thanks to the research teams of two tech companies: Facebook AI Research and Intel Labs. Embodied as a simple means of an expression or giving a tangible or visible form to any idea, quality, or…
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AI Systems With Emotional Intelligence

Can you imagine an artificially powered machine therapist that can help understand your emotions, moods, and behaviors in all situations? The machine, that can help you virtually and recognize and interpret your emotions with the help of algorithms? A team of Microsoft is trying to achieve this goal by developing artificial intelligence-based emotional intelligence technology.…
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What is Reinforcement Learning?

Reinforcement learning (RL) is a segment of machine learning of artificial intelligence with the main focus on how intelligent agents act in a specific environment for the purpose of maximizing the notion of cumulative reward. In other words, its the ability to learn the relations and associations between stimuli, actions, and the occurrences of events…
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What Is Explainable AI – Importance of Explainable AI and The Principles

Explainable AI (XAI) is a concept in artificial intelligence that provides the results or output which can be understood by humans. This is based on “white box” theory where human is able to understand that why the machine has reached to a specific conclusion. This is the opposite of the “black box” theory where analysts…
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Responsible AI For Youth

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, “AI is one of the most important things humanity is working on. It is more profound than, I dunno, electricity or fire,”. Profound leaders from top tech companies are making bold statements about the impact of artificial intelligence on human life. To…
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EMO AI Desktop Robotic Pet By Living AI Emo by Living AI is a desktop A. I. pet. A little naughty but very smart robotic pet based on artificial intelligence. He has his own personality and feelings. He stays by your side to keep you company to surprise you and yes sometimes to annoy you just like a real pet.  Emo uses…
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